Author Topic: Sebkha-Chott - 6th album - Moquettes & Tapis feat. Ike Willis (Autumn)  (Read 2766 times)

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Once more, sorry for my silence...

Things are moving in Ohreland and Sebkha-Chott's Kourt:

Hey yo!

Here we are, Sebkha-Chott's Kourt[1] has officially announced their 6th album MOQUETTES & TAPIS [Carpets and Tapestries] elegantly subtitled Concerto pour Öttotamponeuses et Orchestre de Chambre de Passe.
The video teaser, containing preorders dates, guests list, and mournographical pictures, is available at:
(with english subtitle)

Let's sum up for those who have sound only:
  • official release : Autumn 2015
  • preorder available from: April 2015, the 1st
  • new website opening: April 2015, the 1st
  • line-up:
    • Kour Sebkha-Chott
      • Wladimir Ohrelianov II - Basses / Guitars / Cymbalum / Vocals
      • Nots Awful Mitzahal Jaquie - Drums / Piano Toy / Vocals
      • Nots Awful Mitzahal Michel - Basses / Guitars / Flute / Vocals
      • Tupac Promo - Vocals / Promo
      • Yasser A Rafaal - Violin
      • Xplicit Copain Content - Guitars production
      • Miss OSX Tofu - Drums / Management

    • AMMD

    • Oysthers

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Yvette H.

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