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New Marathon World Records
« on: December 23, 2013, 01:46:31 PM »
This year my partner (Fiona Oakes) has run 8 marathons - one on each continent Plus the North Pole.

She smashed the course record at the north pole by 44 mins and she also broke the course record in the Antarctic Ice Marathon by 6 minutes.

For the Isle of Man (Europe), Atlantic City (Nth Am), Omsk (Asia), Adelaide (Oz) and Casablanca (Africa) races she broke 3hrs 15 in every race - that's a london marathon championship qualifying time - but she had a problem with the Sth American one as it was run at 14,400 feet in the Atacama desert - she tripped & twisted her knee at half way & had to walk the rest - still came 2nd - but took 6 hrs - it was a brutal course.

Now she has finished her overall times are so good, she has broken no less than 3 World Records !

Fastest female to run a marathon on 7 continents plus nth pole in terms of elapsed days - WR was 324 days she did 225
Fastest female to run a marathon on 7 continents plus nth pole aggregate time - WR was 34 hrs odd she did 31 hrs.
Fastest female to run a marathon on 7 continents aggregate - WR was 28hrs 43, she did 25 hrs 54

AND she has a knee replacement...

Now - wouldn't you have thought that the papers might be interested in her story?

Not a sausage

a- she hasn't got massive tits
b- she hasn't got 15 kids by 23 different fathers
c - she isn't the daughter of anyone famous

Such is the state of the world we live in - no recognition for achievement :(

Have a happy Christmas everyone !  :llama: