Author Topic: KingBathmat new album"Overcoming The Monster" release July 22nd  (Read 1327 times)

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The new album by KingBathmat - "Overcoming The Monster" will be released on 22nd July.

It will be released through Stereohead Records with worldwide distribution from Code 7.

It is now available to pre-order from their bandcamp page at

Track 1 "Sentinel" from "Overcoming The Monster" is now available to stream on youtube at

The 6 tracks on "Overcoming The Monster" deal with the themes of psychological obstacles (monsters of the mind) that are manufactured in our thoughts, both internally through our insecurities, externally by the outside influence of others and collectively through the mass media which uses fear as a tool to manipulate our perceptions. "Overcoming The Monster" addresses the need to ignore these clandestine forms of control and rise above the Illusory obstacles that are placed in our path in order to deliberately block opportunities that are accessible to everybody.

Track listing:
1. Sentinel (8:48)
2. Parasomnia (9:38)
3. Overcoming The Monster (7:16)
4. Superfluous (9:05)
5. Reality Mining (4:42)
6. Kubrick Moon (11:37)

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Re: KingBathmat new album"Overcoming The Monster" release July 22nd
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