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« on: January 10, 2011, 03:59:31 AM »

Tamarisk formed their complete line up on 13th June 1982 with 3 ex members of a great Essex band named Chemical alice, Tamarisk were born and somehow became linked to the new wave of early 80's prog bands that were playing the Marquee club in London like Marillion, I.Q. Pendragon, Twelfth night, Pallas, Solstice, Quasar, trilogy, Liason, Dagaband, Airbridge and Haze.

Tamarisk released 2 Ep cassettes that sold well all over the world, the band imploded for many different reasons on 25th october 1984, this page was created because the interest in the band lives on.

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Re: Tamarisk
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The forum has content that I like very much, so I came to learn more knowledge.