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Soul Enema
« on: May 26, 2010, 11:41:41 PM »
Soul Enema was formed in summer 2001. The band is combining conventional melodic rock aspects with occasionally more experimental way of writing. Demo EP containing five tracks was released in 2003. During the next years the band was working on a debut album titled "Thin Ice Crawling". The album's style is influenced by progressive rock and metal, ethnic, psychedelic, jazz-fusion and sympho-rock elements, with a somewhat theatrical approach to the lyrics. It can be taken both on a platform of a concept story and on an individual, independent issue of each track. In the fall of 2009 the work on "Thin Ice Crawling" was completed and it's released in April 2010 via MALS Records.

Listen here:


"“Thin Ice Crawling” is an absolute must, producing a rare consistency in musical quality. A top album of 2010, a top metal album of the progressive trend, a top album for every self-respecting music lover" (c) "Music In Belgium" web-zine

"Do yourself a favor and go get this gem of an album. I am astonished that two of my favorite albums so far this year have emerged from the Israeli prog-metal scene. After the great (but more extreme) Orphaned Land new album, now this one… Soul Enema " (c) "Proggnosis" web-zine

"Thin Ice Crawling is an excellent debut album that bodes well for Soul Enema’s future. It’s an extremely entertaining release that ticks all the right proggy boxes with superb musicianship, catchy melodies, surreal lyrics and fine lead vocals." (c) DPRP web-zine

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Re: Soul Enema
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